Rotture, the new club taking Loveland's space, is opening this week. Says booker Bennett Yankey, "the 'soft opening' party planned for Friday, September 15—featuring Magick Daggers, Rabbits, and some surprise guests—is now open to the public. Originally we had planned to have it be a semi-private affair, but we'd love to invite everyone out to see some of our friends' bands break in the stage, and have a few drinks while checking out the new place." Check out for show listings.

Peter Holmstrom from the Dandy Warhols is in a new band called the Sun the Sea. Says Holmstrom, "Thor Lindsay introduced Daniel Sparks to me when A Man Called Sun was on T/K Records and after they broke up I talked Daniel into coming over and helping me out with some of my song ideas. Those soon went out the window, when what we started writing together was a lot better. Then it was just a matter of finding a rhythm section." Holmstrom, who describes the band as "beautiful, noisy music," continues, saying, "I should be around a lot now that the Warhols are going into recording mode. Everyone else doesn't leave town as much as me, but we are all in other bands." The Sun the Sea plays Berbati's on Wednesday, September 20, with Serena Maneesh, Wovenhand, and the Evangelicals.

On Friday, August 18, tragedy struck when Angy Wills and a few friends were attacked and beaten severely outside the Hotel performance space on 5th and W Burnside. According to an email sent out by Wills' friends, "Angy was hurt the worst—her left arm is basically obliterated, with all the ligaments and tendons torn and dislodged. Her back and legs are a heartbreaking black-and-blue mess of contusions. She was taken to Emanuel and then flown to Alaska (where her parents live) for surgery. The bone was sawed down and reshaped, and the ligaments had to be repaired. The surgery costs are now over $12,000 which her parents are solely responsible for since, like most of us, Angy doesn't have insurance to cover this type of attack." The email continues, "So, we are going to hold a benefit show, most likely at Hotel, most likely in the next three weeks, with art and music and food and anything else you'd like to give."