One thing I've come to know about Mercury freelancers is they are some multi-tasking motherfuckers. The same names you see in these pages also play in bands, edit books and zines, run record labels, make films, you name it. Garett Strickland is a name you may remember as a regular music section contributor. But besides writing about bands for us, he throws the monthly Phase One: Words + Music night, an evening of writers and musicians sharing the stage, and mixing their art like red beans and rice. Phase One, which goes down Thursday, October 19, recently made the move from Towne Lounge to Someday Lounge (125 NW 5th). You have an entire week to plan your night out. Choose this one.

MERCURY: Why the switch?

GARETT STRICKLAND: It was just time for a change, really. Overall, our experience with Towne Lounge was a good one; it's a great space and the atmosphere lends itself to a certain kind of intimacy. But, from the beginning, I think we'd always had it in mind that the show would evolve toward something new, even if the initial elements remain the same. I believe Someday Lounge, being an experimental venue, is going to be conducive to the whole interdisciplinary showcase thing in a way that a lot of venues simply wouldn't—not because they wouldn't want to, but because it's more difficult to cater to an event that isn't just one thing and isn't just another. In a bar, that can be a little tricky.

Will you guys be doing anything different at Someday?

I hope so. At this point, the game plan is the same. Musicians and writers sharing a stage. With few exceptions, though, the dynamic has been largely "separate but equal," in that we haven't had as many text-based musical performances or music-based reading performances. We'd like to bring in more of that. Still, it's great that we have the two elements interacting with each other in the first place. In the future, we definitely hope for a more conscious intermingling.

What can we expect from this month's show?

Local writers Lidia Yuknavitch and Trevor Dodge will be reading. Lidia is the publisher of Chiasmus Press, and Trevor is also an editor. Also, Matthew Korfhage will read. Matthew is a very talented writer who hasn't yet published much, but I suspect that will change soon. Also, musical performances from Pash, Mattress, and Parenthetical Girls, all of which are excellent and we're very excited for. It's going to be a great show.