New Tractor Operator record in the works. Yep. Says TO's Eric Jensen, "I mentioned to somebody a few weeks ago that the next Tractor Operator record was 'halfway done' and haven't been able to write any goddamn thing worth two shits since. So, hoping to jinx the jinx, the Tractor Operator record is halfway done." Ferocious Eagle, which Jensen drums in, is also working on new stuff. According to Jensen, "Ferocious Eagle just recorded the tracks for a 7-inch that Aljon [Reyes, from the Smells Delicious label] is going to release in December. Jevon from Chevron recorded them." Smells Delicious will also be releasing music from Alexis Stevens this spring. Tractor Operator will be touring the East Coast in November.

The Yarnlazer record label is looking for artists to showcase on a new compilation CD. As says a posting on the label's MySpace, "We are currently looking for tracks for a comp in collaboration with Marriage Records of trippy, psychedelic, tribal vibe-tinual hoodoo, ambient experimental afro-Cuban, healing mellow clouds, fourth world post Hassel loops, naked acid chants, fried-out fuzz drones, and such. Please get in touch if you are interested in submitting a track!!!!!!! Seriously!!!! Send us your MySpace link or email us at" Yarnlazer bands White Rainbow and Ghosting are playing a free show Saturday, October 28 at Valentine's with Tecumseh. White Rainbow's Adam Forkner is currently mixing his Kranky Records debut for an early 2007 release.

The Online Romance has a new drummer. "Eric [Bennes] is formerly of the Maroons, whose alumni have gone on to work with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks and the Decemberists," says the Online Romance singer Jack Saturn. "His last recorded work was on the Takeovers LP with Robert Pollard and Chris Slusarenko, and he's currently moonlighting with Krav Maga and Kurt Hagardorn. We are having a really good time playing with him and are excited about breaking in our four-piece lineup at the shows we have lined up through the end of the year." The Online Romance plays this Thursday, October 26 at Satyricon and Thursday, November 2 at Rotture.