SOMETHING RIDICULOUS always happens to me whenever I'm on my way to a Me Con show—and it's kept me from seeing one of my favorite local bands live. This, then, is my big chance. Not gonna mess this one up. Oh, and for the record, the four songs bassist/singer Meghan Remy talks about in our interview below are pure white-hot thunder. They're all prog-rock elephant stomps, fuzzed-out bass and guitar racing hard with the utmost immediacy, and drums that echo rock's legends without ripping anybody off. Go see Me Con. I'll be right there with you.

MERCURY: What are Me Con's plans for the next 11 months?

MEGHAN REMY: I don't know about the next 11 months... but for right now, our big plans are to release the four songs we recorded with Sam Showers, and then doing a two-week tour with our friends from New York, the Fugue. After that, probably more recording and more touring.

For anybody that hasn't heard you guys before, what can they expect from those four songs?

Experiments with repetition, numbers, and drama.

I love repetition—be it in drones or just repeating/cycling riffs, but how do you keep repetition from becoming repetitious?

Patterns and cycles are endlessly interesting and can be played with and rearranged eternally. As long as one stays excited and enthusiastic about patterns, the creation will never be "repetitious" or routine or monotonous.

It's about a feeling... the feeling of when to end or break the cycle... or a new pattern emerging. It causes drama and tension and suspicion. It forces people to either listen more intently for the change or to become fatigued and then taken off guard when the change actually occurs.

What's Me Con's goal when playing live?

The goals of Me Con in the live setting are volume equality, short/compact sets, and making people feel the tones in their bones.