There are several differences between San Francisco's Jim Yoshii Pile-Up and Houston's Destiny's Child. First off, Destiny's Child has three ladies, and Jim Yoshii consists of four boys. The band members in Jim Yoshii are slightly unshaven, and their personal hygiene is questionable, at best. As we all know, Destiny's Child is made up of the most beautiful women in the world: clean, and crisp and full of life, especially the venerable BEYONCE. Also, Jim Yoshii plays their own instruments.

But that is where the differences end. There is an inextricable link between the two acts, and I've carefully plotted the details for your enjoyment. Before you scoff, please remember that we are all God's Creatures, and there is an inherent metaphysical bond between you, me, the hookers down on my street, and that pebble lodged in the toe of your sneaker.

On Jim Yoshii Pile-Up's latest album, It's Winter Here, they utilize sweeping guitars, icy dynamics wrought by crashing, dramatic drums, and a very soft, autumnal vocalist. The most obvious physical response would be to weep a tear of empathy. Now, if you listen to Destiny's Child's latest album, Survivor, and its sweeping, dramatic drum machine (especially on the seriously intense ballad "Bootylicious," which is amplified by the Child's trademarked accusatory, staccato vocals, and of course, the crystal clear voice of The Muse Upon The Rocks that is BEYONCE), your first instinct is--yes, that's right--to weep that such an act of beauty could be so generously bestowed upon the earth.

Now, some have called the Jim Yoshii Pile-Up "emo" (wrongly, really--JYPU's music is far too honest for such a tag). While I will agree the JYPU is quite emotional, especially when factoring in its gloriously ringing guitars and subtle, light-footed drumming, I would assert that Destiny's Child is extremely emotional, as well (especially when factoring such stern, stern lyrics as "I'm a survivor/I'm not gonna give up!"). But, can one dance to both the Jim Yoshii and Destiny's Child? Of COURSE! To dance to JYPU, you must wrap your arms around yourself and sway. There is a slight difference in execution when dancing to Destiny's Child--for instance, one might add an extra step--a jazz square, or a Florida Booty Bomb, perhaps. But both musical acts allow for ample physical expression.

As you can see, there are many, many similarities with the JYPU and DC. Unfortunately, one of the differences is that JYPU and DC are not playing a concert together. It is really unfortunate, as I believe that while the JYPU does not have such beautiful, luscious, and impeccably dressed women in its ensemble, both acts would please fans of all ages.

For an opposing view, see Up & Coming pg 18