Photos by Chester Gwazd

(1) The first three days of tour were off days spent in Dublin. It was totally rad beyond belief. Highlights included visiting Newgrange, an ancient stone structure built to perfectly align with the dawn on the winter solstice. Old-age New Age.

(2) Dublin is hands down one of my favorite cities to play. Leagues O'Toole, Turtle, and Owen are awesome people.

(3) After the Manchester show, Chester and I hung out with my friend Alex of Spank Rock and we drank too much and got lost coming home. One of my favorite drunken activities: listening to birds when I should be sleeping.

(4) Chester and I roamed around Amsterdam (not stoned) and went to a bunch of cool museums. We were staying in a really tiny, cheap, and questionable hotel. When we were leaving I noticed that every door had been broken into. This was comforting.

The London show with No Age sold out pretty far in advance, so I was really excited. The venue was a big open room that looked like it normally had hardcore shows or square dancing. It had a huge Christmas grotto and really set the tone.

(5) My luggage showed up at the airport one hour before I was scheduled to play the Transmusical Festival in Rennes, France. I set up with no sound check. I wasn't allowed to play on the floor, which was a total bummer. It was my first show on a stage with a barrier and it didn't make any sense. To make matters worse, the band before me sprayed champagne all over my equipment, causing my stuff to short out throughout the night.

Andre showed us around Prague and took us to this AMAZING mechanical-instrument museum. This was one of the most important musical moments in my life. This place will have a major impact on my approach to composition. The show was in a weird bar above a casino. The people there were totally awesome and seemed to be having a really great time.

Antwerp was with Girl Talk again and it was nice to compare tours and talk about our shows together coming up in New York. We had many elaborate plans for absurd, radical shows while we were wasted.

We went to Barcelona and had a rad time. The show was a dance party for Primavera at this huge crazy place called Apolo. At one point I got hugged by 10 people while others were fucking with my gear. It was beautiful and horrifying at the same time.