KID KOALA, FAUST AND SHORTEE, DJ WICKED(B Complex, 320 SE 2nd) Faust and Shortee are one of those wonder couples whose mutual passion for work combines to form something dope; in this case, dance music. It's hard to say who does what; Faust and Shortee are both high-energy producers who scratch, beat juggle, etc. to create music that goes from the verge of industrial noise/techno music, to the rhythmic beats of drum 'n' bass. KATIE SHIMER

EX-HUSTLERS CD RELEASE(Ozone, 701 E Burnside, 7 pm) With all the glistening, fuzzy pop stomp of a gapingly unpretentious four-track proj, Portland's Ex-Hustlers release Barnheart. Harmonies, tambourines, clacking guitars, and a whole landscape of earnestness are pasted together with the endearing anti-polish of an Elmer's Glue macaroni painting. They've got some cute-as-hell hooks, but if you're feeling sinister, the Ex-Hustlers' rosy-cheeked guitar pop might come off a tad cloying. If your favorite thing ever is to take off your flip-flops and race across the beach with your cutie BF, though, get your ass a copy. It's on local label Panther Fact Records. JULIANNE SHEPHERD

DAMIEN JURADO, SONGS: OHIA, JOHN VECHIARELLI(Berbati's, 231 SW Ankeny) First off, my apologies to Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia. Last time he was in town playing, I was the jackass who talked over his entire set. Loudly. I would have not had my back turned to his performance had he not been shooting me evil glances every time I looked over. If I wanted to, I could easily talk over Damien Jurado's set as well... but I won't. He's a huge guy who could crush me and turn my feeble bones to dust with great ease. When not killing chatty drunks with his bare hands, Jurado makes music similar to that of Songs: Ohia--introspective, oddly personal and more often that not, downright beautiful. CARMELO MARTINEZ

MINDS, EXPLODING HEARTS, RIFF RANDELLS(Jasmine Tree, 401 SW Harrison) Get ready for your power pop rock 'n' roll fix tonight, 'cause Vancouver BC's Riff Randells will be belting out the buzz. Prepare to be mesmerized by the punchy drumbeats of Anna Marie Rawk and Kathy Camaro's hot guitar licks. Those of you who loved Nikki and the Corvettes should not miss this band. The Exploding Hearts fit in nicely as they play you songs off their brand new LP Guitar Romantic, which is nothing less than genius. JOEL JETT

RYE COALITION, HEAVY JOHNSON TRIO, PARTY TIME(Blackbird, 3728 NE Sandy) The Rye Coalition's music often relies on repetitive bass and guitar notes to arrive at the chorus... but once you're there, any waiting or sense of tedium has been worth it. A blowout of hard rock noise paired with the singer's crazy wailing can be compared to the triumphant focused pleasure of say, scratching off a winning lotto ticket, or more obviously, an orgasm, or more accurately, an orgasm while scratching off a winning lotto ticket. KS

VANESSA CARLTON, BEN LEE(Roseland, NW 6th & Burnside) Aussie songwriting stud Lee is one of those artists who doesn't benefit from huge production values. He has a weak voice that can get buried when there are too many layers of instrumentation. He's only going to get more popular, though, which means his albums and concerts probably aren't going to get any less produced. Better see him now while he's still slightly stripped down. JUSTIN "WEST COAST" SANDERS

GRAND CRIME, AGHORI, TOTAL SHUTDOWN, DYSTOPIA(I.C. Mummy, 332 NE San Raphael, 7 pm) TOTAL MOTHERLOVING SHUTDOWN, possibly the best hardcore band I can think of right now (oops, Isis. Well anyway, TS are artier and more steeped in spazz and totally freaky), are accurately named, although I had this CD-R of them with the words "Total Shithouse" emblazoned in Sharpied handwriting, which is also pretty accurate. You might need therapy after this show--word is that Dystopia is equally insides-melting--but while it's happening, you'll be like, "holy crap." Okay, it hurts you know. JS

GLASSJAW, BLOOD BROTHERS (B Complex, 320 SE 2nd) To make the little leapy-loo from San Diego's superbly punky Three.One.G records, to ArtistDirect (home of Badly Drawn Boy, Poverty, and Naam Brigade) is like jumping the length of the crystal chasm and hoping the Balroc doesn't eat you alive at the end. I'll toast to hoping the energetic young chaps in Blood Brothers--all screamy, hip-cocking sass, knife-wielding guitars, and speedy drama, though when you close your eyes they sound a little nu-metal--don't get screwed by their new indie major label, and have a fruitful career. Cause they're talented mofos, and with a little direction (a teeny bit of musical diversity, proper maintenance, and grooming of their unmatchable energy) they could take over the world. NY's Glassjaw sort of freaks me out with their heavy-handed, mid-'90 Mike Patton vox meets the rhythm section from Helmet action, but I think they're getting famous. What does that mean? JS

SCENE CREAMERS, WAXWINGS, LION FEVER(Blackbird) The Scene Creamers are Ian Svenonius and Michelle Mae (from the Make-Up) with two new kids--guitarist Alex Minoff (from Golden) and drummer Blake Brunner. They sound a bit like the Make-Up--you know, all bass-driven, funky, energetic rock 'n' roll--but this time they lean farther toward the classic Rolling Stones brash '60s pop, with more psychedelic guitar and a few less babys. JON ROBB

TREMBLING BLUE STARS, ABERDEEN, BLANKET MUSIC, ETHER(Roseland Grill) You are going to freak out for gray days, lemon tea, wrapping yourself in a frigging turtleneck and jumping in a pile of leaves after this yummy, melancholy-ish (but never self-pitying) show. Portland's Blanket Music and Philly's Ether both soothe the soul with their warm, handsomely Latin-flavored pop. Trembling Blue Stars and Aberdeen both share a past with Sarah Records, which, while long since defunct, is still the best purveyor of lightly swooning, Brit-inflected indiepop. With Aberdeen, you'll be drenched in delicately nostalgic, introspective vocals, spare and twinkling synths, the shy strum of heartfelt guitars, and more love for autumn (the emo-est season) than you know what to do with. JS

JOHN WESLEY HARDING, JOSH RITTER(Fez, 316 SW 11th) John Wesley Harding will entertain audiences with songs from his new CD, Swings and Roundabouts, which is only available at shows or via his website ( The charming Josh Ritter, formerly of the Old 97's, is also on the bill. KATHLEEN WILSON

BRENDAN BENSON & HIS WELL-FED BOYS, GRAVE BROTHERS DELUXE(Meow Meow, 527 SE Pine) Brendan Benson, whose latest record, Lapalco, shines with a poppy, modern psych sheen and flashes of good ol' rock and roll, writes great, solid music. With the Well-Fed Boys, he'll plug in and get swanky, his pretty, sassy tenor voice evoking a more cogent, less seasonally affected Elliott Smith, but sassier. You'll like him, he's a sweet potato. JS

DIO, KINGS X, HAMMERFELL(Roseland) The only acceptable replacement for Ozzy Osbourne in any sense of the word, Ronnie James Dio is the king of "yarling." I think he may also have pioneered boots that make short metal guys look taller. LANCE CHESS

DJ HEATHER, MARK GRANT, AIZLYNN(Ohm, 31 NW 1st) DJ Heather shall rock the Chicago House this evening. Her 2000 deep house mix, Tangerine, was acclaimed by like everyone; an eclectic mix of hiphop, house, and other dance-floor movers is to be expected tonight. JS

NEKO CASE, JIM AND JENNIE & THE PINETOPS(Aladdin, 3017 SE Milwaukie) See Music pg 14

DJ WICKED CD RELEASE PARTY, MIXMASTER MIKE, DJ P(Ohm, 31 NW 1st) If you didn't know, DJ Wicked, aside from being one of Portland's most talented and prodigious DJs, is also really into the macabre; his logo is nabbed from The Exorcist, his website is, and he makes promo stickers with a bloody, puke-soaked Linda Blair emblazoned across them. And his new Halloween mix CD, "A party-rockin' white knuckle adventure through hiphop's terrifying darkside," is great. The insane Mixmaster Mike from Invisibl Skratch Piklz will be there to rock the party, too, in case you're not already a butt-jiggling zombie. Dude, go. JS

PARTY ALL THE TIME PARTY STARRING ECHO AVE, LAZERHAWK, DJ TANT, DJ KEVVITUP, DJ MYTH(3749 SE Madison, 9 pm) "Rock out, then party like Eddie Murphy on the sunset strip in the '80s!" is apparently the theme of this Portland Radio Authority-sponsored event. It doesn't seem like it'll be tough--I returned from NYC, where the streets were overflowing with cocaine and Members-Only jackets (and The Streets promotional postcards), only to find the new, '80s-dedicated issue of Vice on my doorstep with a fake mirror/fake rail of coke on the cover. BUT this soiree only features the deejaying of three PRA dudes, a band from Moscow, Idaho, and Lazerhawk, who on CD sound like an identity crisis between math-rock and jamband, but could funk it up in person. Dude Eddie Murphy was really cool in the '80s. JS


NO USE FOR A NAME, YELLOWCARD, THE EYELINERS, SLICK SHOES(Roseland) To the punk connoisseur, NUFAN probably sound pretty watered down. They splice in elegant string orchestrations and lilting female vocals with the traditional punkish driving guitars and drum beats. They're probably one of the prettiest punk bands I've ever heard, and I like pretty music, so I recommend them. If you want your punk to fuck some shit up, though, you might look elsewhere. JUSTIN "WEST COAST" SANDERS

SUNDAY 11/10
UNSUNG ZEROS, JUNCTION 18, BAYSIDE, GUESTS(Meow Meow) Ultra clever band names like the Unsung Zeros are sort of nauseating. Fortunately, the music is easier to stomach. It's in the punk genre, but it's sort of slowed-down and chilled-out, as if the band smoked a big fat doob before recording. It's a ridiculous notion, to be sure; punk bands don't do drugs! But that's what it sounds like. J "WC" S

PINEHURST KIDS, 6FG(Berbati's) Reach deep down inside yourself and re-kindle those "Oh, I like him/her so much but he/she doesn't even know I exist" feelings, because the Pinehurst Kids are representing the local emo-pop scene tonight. Bleed It Dry, their latest release, has some nice, gushy tunes which address said "I don't even exist" issues. They don't quite live up to some of the greats of the genre, like the Promise Ring, but the Pinehurst Kids run a close second and they just might be the perfect antidote to a lonely Sunday evening. NICOLE WARREN

FLICKERSTICK(Roseland) Once a Band on the Run for VH1, now the drunken lads in Flickerstick find themselves on the run from their waning 15 minutes of fame. Rumor has it that they have been given the boot from that small mom-n-pop record label, Sony, and now find themselves in that awkward position of being able to play a venue as large as the Roseland, yet at the same time, not having any tangible future whatsoever. It must be horribly frustrating to come so close to that brass ring and then have everything crash around you. I guess I'd feel worse for Flickerstick if they were just a better band, instead of some fading blip on the pop culture radar. Bye guys. CM

TOM PETTY & THE HEARBREAKERS, JACKSON BROWNE(Rose Garden, 1401 N Wheeler) Ever since I was a wee lass and saw Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More" video with Alice in Wonderland being eaten by a Mad Hatter-ed Tom Petty, I've been smitten. Tom's latest album, The Last DJ, has been banned by some radio stations for its anti-recording industry anthems--way to stick it to The Man, Tom!--therefore allowing forgiveness for the movie trailer ads promoting the album. So if you have a little extra female deer lying around, check Tom and his Heartbreaking crew out. NW

MONDAY 11/11

VIRGIL SHAW, REX HOBART & THE MISERY BOYS, GUESTS(Meow Meow) Hobart and the Boys have been compared to a lot of different old school country greats. But who they really sound like is Kris Kristofferson in his heyday, which is a very good thing. Hobart's voice isn't as low or gravelly as Kristofferson's, but it drips with just as much heartache. Fans of country music should not miss this show. J "WC" S

KING OF SPAIN, FIN FANG FOOM, WELSH RABBIT(Tonic, 3100 NE Sandy) From Chapel Hill, Fin Fang Foom gets brooding and downturned on pretty guitars, piano, and sad music that can best be described as brown. Oh terrible sun! This is depressive rock, the kind Portland has a humongous affinity for. JS

HOT HOT HEAT, GREENHORNES, THE SIGHTS(Blackbird) Speaking of leaping... the Canadian Dexy's Midnight Runners, Hot Hot Heat, released their new record on Sub Pop and are now making nice with their NEW label, Warner Brothers. I'm sure you all give a crap about my fancy trip to NYC, but FYI, when HHH played this radio showcase thingie, there were like 9 million kids lined up outside the venue, praying to catch a glimpse of Dante's hairdo or the hairdo of... that other guy. Again, hope they don't get screwed, but at this point, Steve Albini's famous major-label cautionary tale is posted on enough websites that you gotta let bands take responsibility for themselves. Anyhow, they're great, as you know. So are the Greenhornes, and their excellent, scrunchy garage that crackles together like a wad of tinfoil. JS

THE PATTERN, HAR MAR SUPERSTAR, THE THERMALS(Berbati's) Long before he signed to some major label and started cavorting around L.A. with Kelly Osbourne, Har Mar Superstar was all mine. Looking like Ron Jeremy's retarded stepson, Har Mar (AKA the alter-ego of indie-popster Sean Na Na) was the cape-wearing New Jack Swing-singing white boy with enough charm to convince stoic indierockers like me to dance "The Cabbage Patch" at his shows. Somewhere between a one-man Circus Sideshow and a 14-year-old boy high on Whippets, Har Mar's live show was the sort of embarrassing mess you wanted it to be. Laugh with him or laugh at him; tonight it really does not matter. Also, the mighty rock revivalists The Pattern perform, too. Their publicist told me that they are actually from 1972 and they are stranded here due to a time-machine breakdown. So buy some merch and help them fix that thing. CM

THE ANNIVERSARY, BURNING BRIDES, THE GADJITS(Satyricon) Stoner rock; punk-tinged; influenced by the Stooges; or whatever other cliché thing I might not want to say about Burning Brides, unfortunately has to be said. Some not cliche things about them, however, are that the lead singer/guitarist looks clean and happy--unlike most bearded hard rockers--the band's bassist is a woman (yeah, you're right, kind of cliché), and the two of them dropped out of Julliard to pursue the rock. KS

THE GLORIA RECORD, SWORDS PROJECT, LA CERCA, SERENE(Blackbird) Those who underestimate the Gloria Record's power to move, probably haven't seen them live. Formed from the ashes of much-beloved Austonian sap rockers Mineral in '97, TGR continually amazes followers with an increasing level of complex maturity. Their heartbreaking compositions are as dominated by effects-heavy guitar damage as they are by classically constructed keyboards, and the perfect synthesis between each weighty force is realized in the wavering sulk of frontman Chris Simpson. They're washy, heavy, and loud as all hell, particularly when busting out hits from this year's U2-esque Start Here, their first effort on Arena Rock. TGR ain't just about melody, though. In fact, their most guttural and touching jams center around percussion and deep bass grooves that hit right where it hurts. After years of intense touring, the foursome has truly become an ensemble--and unity is one of their greatest strengths. Virtuosity's another, which makes 'em uber fun to watch. DR. JOAN HILLER


New Releases Nov 12: Carl Cox, Holy Ghost, Ikara Colt, Jay-Z, Kool G Rap, Liars, Cheb Mami, Minus the Bear, ....Pearl Jam...., The Sights, TLC* * = Left-Eye Lopez R.I.P.