MARK ARM IS THE infamous vocalist for Mudhoney. Scorned by the majors and two albums past their "definitive" retrospective, March to Fuzz, Mudhoney continue to work hard for a living. Their latest release, Under a Billion Suns (Sub Pop) is acerbic, hard-hitting, and arguably their most solid work to date.

Does the fact that you lyrically address "adult" issues such as war and uncertainty on Under a Billion Suns mean you are maturing as a lyricist?

[Laughs] I don't know. I highly doubt it. As far as adult issues, I don't know if those issues are strictly for adults.

Well "Hard-On for War" is kind of about kids so...

War is for kids. It benefits kids the most. With all the adults killing each other off they've got more toys to play with.

And candy.

What's more fun than playing in rubble?

Not much. Playing in a minefield, maybe.

Oh, those lucky Laotians!

If you could unmake one currently popular band, who would it be?


Yeah, unmake.

Is Lenny Kravitz a band?

I think he qualifies as a band.

I would enjoy unmaking Lenny Kravitz... and then enjoy making him.

Are you and Steve [Turner] still rocking the legendary Superfuzz and Bigmuff stomp boxes?

He still uses a Bigmuff. The Superfuzz died probably in, like, '90.

You should have your own signature pedal from Sovtek. I'm pretty sure Superfuzz Bigmuff is responsible for selling thousands of their Bigmuff reissues.

That could've been.

Everybody I knew had one. You should get a cut.

Some company in Denmark actually makes a Mudhoney pedal. It's not a fuzz pedal; just an overdrive pedal. I emailed them and asked them if they'd send us two. They wrote back and told me how much it would cost. I was like "Fuck you!" I told them I was in the band Mudhoney too, so it was kind of weird. Steve actually broke down and bought one.

You'd almost have to.

I haven't made that leap yet.