We are in Touch with out Emotions here at The Mercury. We hide nothing--whether it be joy, frustration, or tears--even at the risk of being subjected to Editor Wm. Steven Humphrey's cruel and incessant taunt, "WHY DON'T YOU CRY LIKE A BABY, BABY?" That's why, with our Music Quarterly, we reached deep down to extricate any emotion that happened to be hiding in our nether-regions, from anger (Brian Goedde on violent rap), to sorrow (Katie Shimer on the rock ballad), to willy-nilly joy (Jeff DeRoche on recent holiday music). In addition, you can find out who is the bigger wuss--Shellac's Steve Albini or his labelmate, Sam Coomes from Quasi--in the latest installment of the Mercury "Music Trivia Challenge." Happy Holidays from all of us here at the Mercury, and remember to always show your true colors, cause that's why we love you. Don't be afraid to let them show! Your true colors are beautiful--like a rainbow!