MINMAE HAS BEEN dormant a while. After parting ways with their drummer, singer/guitarist Sean Brooks did a bunch of solo shows, posted some drummer-wanted ads, and it wasn't until this week that the band decided it was time for its debutante ball. New lineup. New songs. Relatively new album. It's a refreshed, stronger, better Minmae, and a good chance to see them if you haven't before. Tonight Minmae plays an hour-long set (starting at 8 pm) of experimental pop, followed by a screening of Gus Van Sant's Mala Noche.

MERCURY: When I say the words "latest incarnation of Minmae" or perhaps "the return of Minmae," what do you say?

SEAN BROOKS: I say we're back, though we never left. We had a great run but I think constant touring took its toll. There was also a desire to try new things like add another instrumentalist. This new incarnation includes Ian Watts on guitar, Andrew Price on drums, Rob Lemizis on bass, and a Reason sampler.

When I say "the newish Minmae record" what do you say?

Le Grand Essor de la Maison du Monstre? We took heat for it being in French. French backlash. It is totally available from Greyday Records and iTunes.

When I say "Minmae live show circa Thursday, August 24, 2006," what do you say?

The date of the return. The newest incarnation, unfolding on the roof, which will metaphorically be on fire. The band plays at 8 pm, the movie starts at 9 pm. Come early and see us, then get your Gus Van Sant on.