METHOD MAN Stickin’ his finger in 1400 pies.
by Adam Gnade

Method Man

Wed April 28


NW 6th & Burnside

One of the most successful Wu-Tang dudes, Meth (ne'e Clifford Smith) was also the first to release a solo record. His kick-off joint was 1994's Tical, which threw down witty, half-brain-fried lines, spitting lyrics both figurative and literal. ("I be sprayin', brother with words/'Cause I got a spit PRAAA-BLUM," he says on the title track.)

On the surface, you could write the dude off as a stoner, a lazy pothead who spends more time sucking bong tips and giggling gak-mouthed at the TV than workin' business. And you'd be so wrong. Method Man should change his name to "Renaissance Man," 'cause not only does he work like he stumbled upon a secret Ephedra mine, he's all over the board with his fingers in 1400 pies, all of them sweet, oven-hot, and cash-money flavored.

He's been up in our collective grill with big duets (remember his top-five deal with Mary J, "I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By"?) There's his longtime duo collabo with Redman, which took on Jay-Z's Hard Knock Life Tour, and dropped the stoner comedy How High (in which they set their sights on smoking the bones of dead President John Quincy Adams). He played a gangster on the HBO prison drama Oz, and had roles in films like Belly, The Great White Hype, and Brown Sugar to name a few. He even Energizer Bunnied his way to TV on the series Stung and with a guest appearance on a 1996 episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

I predict bigger things in the 2004. I've got it from a... terribly awful source that there's Method Man whitening strips, roach clips, Jet-skis, chemistry sets, and camouflage condoms in the works. "Lies," you say? Maybe so. But for Meth, sky's the limit. A gospel record? A tennis career? A dance workout video? Don't be surprised.