Badly Drawn Boy (AKA Damon Gough) appealed early in his career by somehow having the ability to pull off a line like, "If the chance should happen that I never see you again/Just remember that I'll always love you." Somehow, it actually felt profound, and even Nick Hornby himself asked Gough to do the complete score for About a Boy based on merely one full album. You'd think Ol' Goofy Cap was set.

But then something happened. The latest Badly Drawn Boy album, Born in the UK, somehow manages to combine two of the 20th century's worst pop culture moments—that "inner struggle" scene in Superman III, and the Moody Blues' "poetic" interludes—into a track featuring Gough having a discussion with himself. And that's just the introductory track. So, I present to you:

10 Better Uses for 53 Minutes of Your Time Rather Than Listening to Badly Drawn Boy's Born in the UK

#1: Listen to your favorite Midlake album, and still have enough time to spare to play a short level of Katamari.

#2: Wait for a table at the Cricket Café during the Sunday rush.

#3: Listen to the awesome Dr. Dog EP, Takers and Leavers.

#4: Attempt to make a five-minute call to your mom.

#5: Catch the opening band that you've never heard before but might blow your goddamn mind.

#6: Take a basketball class at PSU. You're on your way to one college credit!

#8 Ride your bike around. Stop to enjoy the incredible crocuses and daffodils that have suddenly invaded Portland.

#9 Listen to Bell Biv DeVoe's breakthrough album, Poison (BBD is clearly better than BDB [Badly Drawn Boy] at this point.)

#10 Get started on your Harry Potter rereads.

Folks, this album will ruin your mood so badly that you'll find yourself grumbling at kittens. You've been warned.