Let's check in on what Trump is doing in the name of the American people.

Propublica released audio of children screaming and crying after they were separated from their immigrant parents by Trump and Sessions' draconian "zero tolerance" policy. Listen to it here, it's absolutely heartbreaking.

Instead of being swayed by the cries of separated children and photos of their plight, the Trump administration is digging in their heels, and continue to blame anyone (read: especially Democrats) except the one person who created the policy and can stop it instantly: Donald Trump.

At yesterday's press briefing (that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was too chickenshit to attend), Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen unsuccessfully tried to defend the policy and actually called the kids "alien children." A reporter played the audio of children screaming after being separated from their parents—which had no visible effect on these monsters.

ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER: While Trump and Sessions definitely put this policy to work, the chief architect of the plan is White House hardliner Stephen Miller who is a virulent white nationalist and keeps a low profile while whispering his racist views in the president's ear.

Only 27 percent of Americans support Trump's child imprisonment policy (even Bill O'Reilly is against it). So guess who's into this particularly cruel form of child abuse? REPUBLICANS by 55 percent.

While the White House is pretty good at separating children, they don't have a plan in place for reuniting the kids with their parents—especially now since the detainment facilities are overflowing, which means the government is now building tent cities to house the children.

There's going to be a march on Washington, DC (as well as marches all over the country) to protest and hopefully end Trump's "child separation" policy on JUNE 30TH. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Besides being a humanitarian disaster, we are going to be paying for and fixing Trump's colossal, racist fuck-up for a LONG time to come. Here are what people on Twitter are saying about it.