It's kind of like what loggers refer to as "the dummy line". Say you're driving west on 26 to the coast. You see lush old growth forest the whole drive to the ocean. In a lot of spots if you were to hike back 100 feet off the highway, you'd see evidence of massive clear cut logging. The dummy line.

I've been in Lents/Felony Flats going on almost 5 years now. The only thing that has changed is we have Bar Carlo, The Slingshot, and a handful of fixed gear riding fashion mullet hipsters and a full on gaggle of neo-hippie yuppies running around.

PS: Today at lunch I went home to get my dog and a sandwich. I stopped at a convenience store about 15 blocks off the dummy line in the heart of Felony Flats. I bought an orange soda but also on the menu were brass knuckles, digital scales, glass stems made popular my meth and crack smokers, some tobacco related novelties made popular by weed smokers, and nachos.
I've been in Lents / (No, it's not) Felony Flats (you're confused or suffering from the "I'm so edgy I live in the ghetto" delusion) for 2 years now and I've seen a hell of a lot change. You must not be paying attention.

However, my friend did by a nice set of nunchaku at the Lents market. They were a wedding gift for a couple that's into martial arts.

Bar Carlo and the Slingshot are Foster-Powell area businesses and Felony Flats historically refers to the area West of 82nd that borders Milwaukie. The Lents neighborhood is between Powell and the County border and SE 82nd and 112th. 52nd and Flavel is pretty much the geographic reference for historic felony flats... if you're going by most felons/arrests/convictions within a neighborhood, the new "felony flats" would be Rockwood or Hazelwood.

An astute geographical observation, Psymonetta.
Many of us in Mt. Scott-Arleta prefer the moniker "Misdemeanor Meadows." And even that's a bit dated.
But really, what does anybody have against whippits?
As a teenager I'd already started smoking weed and dropped acid a few times before I ever did a whippit. Hardly a gateway "drug."
It's really more about the image of our neighborhood than it is about the actual effects of whatever substance.

If someone say...stops at the taco truck on 82nd and Holgate (which has the most excellent Lengua btw) then walks into the H bar J mini mart to purchase a diet coke and see whippits on the counter along with other questionable items, it leaves and impression about the demographics of the surrounding neighborhood.

That impression doesn't really reflect reality. There's really only a small population that creates the demand for those items...they just happen to frequent the mini-marts near 82nd...if they offer products they want to buy.

I go to the H bar J now. They (from what I've seen) don't sell paraphernalia or whippits. I probably would not feel as comfortable going there if they started selling them and attracting that clientele. That would also make me sad because I'd be less likely to go to the taco truck, as well....or Eastport Plaza...or the Walgreens, because I'd probably be walking in the opposite direction.

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