"Oh dear goodness! What is wrong with the world today? Now, I might have only been manufactured in a Chinese dildo factory a mere 14 months ago, but even back then, things were so much more... more... civilized! Wouldn't you agree, Tabitha?"

"Absolutely, Joan. Why, only yesterday I saw a young lady walking beneath us—and not only was she smoking a cigarette, but she actually spit. Spit! On the sidewalk. In public! I mean, who does that? It's just... well, I'll say it: It's disgusting, is what it is."

"I'll tell you who does that, Tabitha! Girls who were raised by deviants, that's who. It's the parents' fault! No one teaches manners anymore! No one teaches etiquette! No one teaches... teaches..."


"Yes! Indeed. No one teaches decorum. But it's not only the girls, is it? See down at the corner? Those boys?"

"With the knit caps and droopy trousers?"

"Yes, Tabitha. It's a disgrace, is what it is. AHEM! You! You there! You... you ruffians! No one wants to see your filthy undergarments!"

"I concur with my friend Joan! Pull up your pants, and go seek employment with one of this city's more reputable firms! And take off those knit caps! It's 89 degrees, you dullards!"

"They aren't listening, Tabitha. To them, I am afraid, the concept of 'civilization' is moot."

"Oh, Joan. Is this our eternal fate? Two dildos forever suspended from a power line, forced to watch civilization disintegrate beneath us?"

"It would appear to be as such, my dearest friend. But while vagrants may be corrupting the world below, our dreams of a better world shall always remain above, in the sky."

"That... is a beautiful sentiment, Joan."

"Thank you, Tabitha, and... and... OH GOOD LORD. Did you see that?"

"YES! A bicyclist just traveled through a stop sign without slowing!"