IN CASE you haven't stopped by lately, we've redesigned the website to make it easier to navigate, load, and read on your various devices! Take a second to bring it up on your phone... shouldn't take long, because our new simple design will load faster than ever! Here are few other perks that will make you sigh and swoon:

• It's Responsive! That means if you widen or narrow whatever screen you're using, on whatever device, the page will automatically adapt to fit the screen correctly.

• It's Faster! In the bad old days, the Mercury website would take its own sweet time loading up. NO MORE. With this nice clean design, your pages will load lickety-split.

• Our Calendar Is Hot Shit! Old calendar: accurate but not inviting. New calendar: loads of info about all the events you want to see, plus videos, sound clips, maps, and where to get tickets, too! If it's not the best entertainment calendar in Portland, we don't know what is. Try it for yourself and see!

• Everything Is Easier to Find! Want to read about news, music, film, or funny shit? Hit the "Things to Read" drop-down menu at the top of the home page. Want to find something amazing to do tonight? Hit the "Things to Do" drop-down menu right next to it. It's that simple! (Which was kind of the entire point.)

Check out the new, cleaner, meaner Portland Mercury right here: Your home for things to read and do in Portland!