Folks, HUMP! is the sweetest li’l local porn festival in the world—and tickets are already selling for the 2016 edition in record numbers! So if you want to attend one of the many screenings at a convenient time for you, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW at

Need more convincing that witnessing this year’s HUMP! is in your horny best interest? WE’RE HAPPY TO HELP.

HUMP! IS SEX POSITIVE. All the films in HUMP! are made by sex-positive people just like you. You’ll see people of all different sizes, shapes, and sexual orientations—and probably lots of sexy stuff you’ve never imagined! And it’s all performed with legitimate horniness and good humor.

HUMP! AUDIENCES ARE THE BEST. If you’ve never watched five-minute dirty movies in a packed crowd of squealing, laughing people, you have not lived!

HUMP! GIVES AWAY PRIZES, AND YOU GET TO VOTE! At the end of the screening you get to vote on which flicks floated your boat in categories such as humor, kink, best in show, and more. And all these winners will divvy up a whopping $20,000 prize pot! See? Sex can pay!

HUMP! HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. Straight, gay, bi, lesbian, transgender, food fetishists, feet fetishists, Chick-fil-A fetishists—almost anything and everything goes at HUMP! And this year in particular you’ll be seeing sexy mermen, Scrabble orgies, BDSM diaries, hot camping trips, kinky accordionists, workplace phone sex, giant rainbow dildos, and MORE!

Seriously, HUMP! is the funnest, sexiest time you’ll have all year—so don’t delay, get your tickets to HUMP! today at!

HUMP! 2016

Thurs Nov 3-Sun Nov 5, and Fri Nov 11-Sat Nov 12

All Screenings at Revolution Hall, 1300 SE Stark