Thanks to everyone who attended HUMP! 2016. We had record crowds this year, and it was a real poke in the eye to Trump and his cronies who somehow think they can control who and how we love. And we can’t wait for next year! Until then, here are the results of YOUR VOTES for the winners of HUMP! 2016:

Best Sex

Fuck on the Mount - $2,000 winner

Runner Up: Summer Fuckation - $1,000 winner

Best Humor

Birthday Boss - $2,000 winner

Runner Up: It’s Fucking Complicated - $1,000 winner

Best Kink

Playing Scrabble - $2,000 winner

Runner Up: Breakfast in Bed - $1,000 winner


I’m Not Poly, But My Boyfriends Are - $5,000 winner

Jury Award*

Fucking Boring - $1,000 winner

* The HUMP! Awards are decided by audience ballot with the exception of the Jury Award, which is awarded by the HUMP! Jury.

Congrats to all you amazing HUMP! winners! Interested in submitting a film to HUMP? Unlike other short film festivals, there’s never a cost to submit a film, and every filmmaker whose film tours with HUMP!—which played in 30 cities last year—gets a percentage of every ticket sold. Find information on making and submitting your HUMP! film at

Psst! You also might like to know that a portion of the proceeds from HUMP! is donated to Planned Parenthood. HUMP! Supports Planned Parenthood, and you should too. Donate today at

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to our sexy winners of HUMP! 2016! You... are... the... BEST!