America loves two things: freedom, and the Portland Mercury’s monthly I, Anonymous Show at the Secret Society! Now more than ever, America needs a place to post their furious rants and most secret confessions—anonymously. And that’s where the Mercury’s I, Anonymous column comes in! It’s a great place to vent, scream, and purge your filthy soul of all your sins, without anyone knowing it’s you!

But the I, Anonymous Show goes one better: Hilariously fabulous host Bri Pruett picks the finest, most startling I, Anonymous submissions, and after reading them aloud, digs deep into each one with help from a terrific panel of the best comic minds Portland has to offer. This month, Bri will be joined by the veeeeery funny Derek Sheen, Lucia Fasano, and Marcus Coleman, who will all share their very opinionated opinions!

And this episode is particularly special, because it is the last I, Anonymous Show to be hosted by our beloved Bri Pruett before she moves away. (Tears, get back inside those eyeballs!) But don’t worry, the I, Anonymous Show will go on! Find out more at the February edition of the funniest, craziest, most honest comedy show in town...


This Monday, February 20

7:30 pm

The Secret Society, 116 NE Russell

$10 adv (at, $15 door