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Here at the Mercury, we know just what you need, given the current state of 2017: You need GOOD BOOZE, and you need it NOW!

So prepare yourself (and your liver) for the Portland Mercury’s HIGHBALL, March 6-12! We’ve teamed up with over 40 of the finest bars and restaurants in Portland—along with our cocktail-lovin’ pals at Beam Suntory and Good IV, LLC—to bring you this one-of-a-kind boozetacular! At each of HIGHBALL’s locations, you’ll find specially crafted cocktails that are available only to HIGHBALL participants. Even better? Each of these fantastic, sanity-saving cocktails will be available ALL DAY (not just during happy hour!) and cost you a mere $5!

And get a load of just a few of the terrific drinkeries and the delicious specialty cocktails they’ll be serving at HIGHBALL: Sauce Box (“The Broadway Lovely”), Gold Dust Meridian (“Blossom D’Oranger”), Night Light Lounge (“The Oldtimers Delight”), Double Dragon (“Daaaaaaamn, Son!”), Slow Bar (“Blackie Lawless”), Bit House Saloon (“Maple Crush”), Dot’s Café (“Rock ’n’ Rose”), Sandy Hut (“The Green Lantern”), Tryst (“Aztec Reina”), The Wayback (The Daddy Lolo)... and many, many, MANY more!

See page 37 for a complete list of participating bars and restaurants, and if you’re interested in checking out mouthwatering pics of these drinks (and a list of their ingredients), or if you just want to learn more about HIGHBALL, jump on your local internet right now and go to portlandhighball.com.

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March 6-12, 2017

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