If for some terrible, horrible reason you missed last year’s HUMP! Film Fest... well, you also missed some of the best, hottest, and funniest five-minute porn movies ever made. BUT! Thanks to the traveling HUMP! tour, you can rectify this error—or, if you saw it the first time, why not see it again?

That’s right, all of HUMP!’s hot and hilarious films from 2016 will be projected on the big screen at Cinema 21 for your horny enjoyment. But it’s only for one short weekend, Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13! So get your tickets NOW at humpfilmfest.com! Here are just a few of the great HUMP! flicks you’ll see:

Fuck on the Mount

Winner of the “Best Sex” category, an adventurous couple shows off their acroyoga and oral skills in front of some gorgeous scenery.

Birthday Boss

Top prizewinner in the “Best Humor” category, this hilarious short proves that workplace power dynamics can be hot-hot-HOT!

It’s Fucking Complicated

In this film, which won runner-up for “Best Humor,” a couple’s laundry list of “things I’m really into” is longer than usual. But once they get it all out in the open, they’re #1 at doing sex!

Summer Fuckation

The runner-up for “Best Sex,” this hot, straight, sporty couple fucked at Burning Man, climbed (and fucked on) a mountain, and even fucked in the sky.

Playing Scrabble

Winner of the “Best Kink” category, a demure board game night turns into a wild orgy featuring clowns, fisting, whipping, screaming, and a bodily fluid never before seen at HUMP! Consider yourself warned...

I’m Not Poly But My Boyfriends Are

Our grand prize “Best in Show” winner proves that it’s never too late to embrace who you are and what you want. (Which in this case includes a lot of boyfriends!)

Plus many, many more fabulous, fantastically sexy shorts! Don’t you dare miss this special repeat screening of the happiest, horniest film fest around... HUMP! 2016­—coming at you Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13 at Cinema 21!

Get Your Tickets Now at humpfilmfest.com!