Dear Oregonian commenters: I’m growing increasingly horrified by the actions of the Trump administration. What can I do to make my voice heard?—Darlene W., SE Portland

PDXnative—Get a job, hippie! Why is it every time you raise you’re “voice,” my commute time triples?

SicSemper—You so called anarchists are just a bunch of looooser thugs terrorizing hard working AMERICAN citizens.

honkinbigpenis—Earth to Dum-Dums. The bigger problem is the spineless PPB who refuses to get tough with lawless anarchist creeps like this Libernazi.

packersfan1982—Quit throwing temper tantrums over the election already! YOU LOST shitbird! Better hurry or youll miss the next bus to Burning Man!


Dear Oregonian commenters: My sister is getting married, but doesn’t want to invite my boyfriend because she says we could “break up at any time.” We’ve been dating three months, and I love him. What should I do?—Celia J., Beaverton

packersfan1982—I don’t know, MAYBE GET A JOB? You freeloaders are to busy picking our pockets burning trashcans and hot wiring our cars to contribute anything of worth to society!

honkinbigpenis—Oh poor snowflake! Sippin on your machiahtoes and crying to Mamma about the crappy wifi connection you’re getting in the basement. And to be clear I’m saying you live in your mothers basement!

SicSemper—Heres a better question: WHY ARENT THE POTHOLES BEING FIXED? Mayor “Cuddly-Wuddly Teddy Bear” Wheeler is an utter FAILURE.

PDXnative—Mayor “Choo Choo” Charlie was worse. Our children are sticking themselves with heroine needles while looking for easter Eggs in the PARK.

GrandpaGrump—Train-jumping streetscum!

Dear Oregonian commenters: My six-year-old terrier has pink eye and...—Jeff N., NE Portland

SicSemper—Why do homeless people get more attention than those who actually WORK for a living?? WHAT ABOUT OUR RIGHTS?

honkinbigpenis—If you have a mouse infestation in your tool shed you dont feed the mice!! Duh!!

PDXnative—There are so many tents downtown it looks like a Boy Scout Jamborie!!

packersfan1982—What you do is eliminate the arts tax and use the money to send those panhandlers up to Seattle. DID YOU SLEEP THROUGH YOUR BUSINESS CLASSES, MAYOR CUDDLY-WUDDLY TEDDY BEAR??

GrandpaGrump—I had a terrier once :(