Dear Benny Henderson, the Child Detective: I’ve been happily married (or so I thought) for 17 years. But now I strongly suspect my husband is cheating on me. How can I prove it? And if he is cheating, what can I do about it?—Cecily Powers, Beaverton

Hi, Mrs. Powers! Gee, that’s a tough problem all right! I hate cheaters too! And cheating really stresses my teachers out. Jimmy McPherson—you know, from science class? Anyway, he kept getting really good grades, even though he’s totally stupid! Mr. Sanford, my science teacher? He decided to set a trap for Jimmy, so he left a science test grading sheet in his desk drawer, but with all the wrong answers! Guess what? Jimmy failed the test—haha!—and now everybody knows he’s stupid and a CHEATER. Haha! Hope that helps!

Dear Benny Henderson, the Child Detective: Thanks to the Equifax hack, much of my personal information was stolen, and as a result, $40,000 is missing from my bank account. Now I’m afraid I’m going to lose my house! Is there any way to track down these thieves?—Jeffrey Simmons, NW Portland

Hi, Mr. Simmons! Wow. That sounds like a lot of money! I’m not sure why Etch A Sketch would want your house, but here’s what I would do. Tell on them! Go to your principal and tell them what Etch A Sketch did. You may be scared, but it’s the right thing to do. Hope that helps!

Dear Benny Henderson, the Child Detective: My sister has been missing for three weeks. She’s been known to mix with the wrong crowd, but I really thought she’d straightened out her life. Now she’s gone, and the police have no clues. Please, please, please help. I’m desperate!—Dorothy Ladd, Tigard

Hi, Miss Ladd! That sounds scary! Is there an old barn down the street from your house? I’d check there. We have an old barn down the street from our house, and sometimes I go there when I just need to be alone and read comic books. Are any of her comic books missing? I love comic books. Hope that helps!