There’s a reason why the Mercury’s wildly popular I, Anonymous column is so wildly popular—because it’s crammed full of your secret confessions and angry rants, all submitted anonymously! Now we’re taking this winning concept a step further... by turning them into a monthly comedy show!

It’s the I, Anonymous Show, hosted by Portland’s Funniest Person Caitlin Weierhauser, coming this Tuesday, November 7 at Curious Comedy Theater! As always, Caitlin picks the wildest, weirdest anonymous submissions from our column and blog, reads them aloud on stage, and then hilariously dissects them along with a panel of very funny comedians!

And this month’s panel of laugh-makers is especially sharp. Joining Caitlin will be nationally touring comedian Shane Mauss (Here We Are podcast, Mating Season Netflix special), Aaron Woodall (Big Sky Comedy Fest, World Series of Comedy), and Portland’s own winsome and whip-smart Barbara Holm (patriarchy smasher, and host of It’s Going to Be Okay).

These four people will provide YOU with an evening of razor-sharp wit, pointed observations, and lots and lots of LAUGHS. Bring some surgical sutures because your sides will literally split at this month’s installment of...

The I, Anonymous Show!

Tuesday, November 7, 7:30 pm

Curious Comedy Theater

5225 NE MLK

$10 tickets available NOW