Mercury Staff

Everyone loves HUMP! (AKA America’s sweetest homegrown porn festival). But what if you made the disappointing mistake of missing one of HUMP!’s sexy shorts? FEAR NOT! Because the BEST OF HUMP! is coming to Portland this summer and tickets are on sale NOW.

With permission from the directors and actors, we are proud to present the Best of HUMP!—a touring show featuring the greatest, sexiest, and most hilarious HUMP! films from 2008 to the present day. Here are just a few films you can see in the Best of HUMP!

Butthole Lickin’, 2008

To kiss or not to kiss? That’s the question two women explore after one rims the other. (Lesbian processing has never looked so good!)

Fun with Fire, 2009

An expert shows us the beauty of flame on flesh (professionally done, don’t try this at home). This one will have audiences squirming in their seats.

Rube, 2014

Mr. Goldberg never imagined that his contraption would trigger such a sexy chain reaction!

The Glory Hole, 2014

Some true love stories have more... well...provocative beginnings than others. Such is the case with this endearing San Francisco couple.

The Collector, 2015

A man opens up about his disturbing collection. A truly “jarring” film.

Level Up, 2015

More powerful than Lara Croft, Mona Sax, and Zelda combined, one video vixen takes on the evils of misogyny, body shame, and bad sex.

Summer Fuckation, 2016

What did you do last summer? This hot sporty couple fucked at Burning Man, climbed (and fucked on top of) some rocks, and even fucked in the sky. Their sex conquers all summer activities, and it’s hot as hell!

And there are many more of your old favorites—and probably some you’ve never seen before! So don’t miss...

THE BEST OF HUMP! (2008-2017)
Coming to Portland June 22-23

Tickets are on sale NOW at !