Jimmy Vee / Getty Images

Be on the lookout for criminals trying to fleece you with the following scams!


A stranger (actually a scam artist) approaches you on the street, and asks to look inside your wallet. You agree, and he points to a $10 bill, saying, “Oh... actually that’s my $10,” and pockets your money. If you argue, the scam artist says, “Okay, if that’s your $10 bill, whose picture is on it?” If you say anything other than Alexander Hamilton, the scammer will take your money and run away, laughing at how stupid you are.


You’re riding an e-scooter when another e-scooter rider (actually a scam artist) flags you down. “I can’t get this stupid thing started!” he cries. When you stop to examine the stranger’s scooter, the scam artist hops on the one you’ve already paid for and escapes. “Ha, ha! I scammed you,” he yells as he scoots away.


You’re walking down the street when you receive a phone notification that GOP senators (actually scam artists) are trying to confirm a partisan liar who’s been credibly accused of sexual assault to the Supreme Court. The senators claim they’re holding a fair hearing, while ignoring any negative testimony. After sustained public outcry, they agree to a heavily restricted FBI investigation, which they know has no hope of getting to the truth. Their candidate is confirmed to the Supreme Court, at which point you receive another notification on your phone, this time from the senators: “Ha, ha! We scammed you,” they say, racing away on stolen e-scooters.