Against Same-Sex Marriage:

"Furthermore the evidence shows that a mother and a father each bring their own unique qualities to parenting. For example, according to the FBI, a missing father is a more reliable predictor of criminal activity than race, environment or poverty. Lesbian households permanently deny a child a father."

Anne Paulk, In My Opinion, Tuesday, June 1

"Here's another grave concern: The acceptance of same-sex marriage will force public schools to teach gay marriage and gay sexuality as equal to traditional sex and marriage. This will inevitably lead to increased homosexual experimentation, even among heterosexual adolescents. Experimentation of this nature exposes young people to dangerous health and emotional risks."

Anne Paulk, In My Opinion, Tuesday, June 1

"Who would have thought that Oregonians would have to defend traditional marriage against gay activists and activist judges"?

David Reinhard, Wednesday, June 2

Against homeless youth:

"During the work week, when scores of people are milling about, the bands of young folks--in their black, body-pierced grunge look--fade into the background like a computer screen saver. We've grown so accustomed to their daily presence that we tolerate their visual and verbal disruptions."

S. Renee Mitchell, Wednesday, June 2

Quoting a friend who was visiting town for the weekend and used as a conduit for Mitchell's opinion piece about why homeless youth are bad for tourism:

"'It made me feel unsafe,' says Russell, who has traveled to many major American cities and overseas by herself. 'Typically when I see a homeless person, he's like in a doorway or under a bridge or just trying to get out of your way.'"

S. Renee Mitchell, Wednesday, June 2

Using the "celebrated" book Fixing Broken Windows, Mitchell explained that "street people" divide into three categories: the "have-nots," the "cannots" and the "will-nots." Mitchell blames this latter category for her perceived increase in crime and strife downtown.

"And now we have noticeably more 'will-nots' begging for change, hanging out downtown with their dogs and trying their best to attract attention."

She concludes, "The 'will-nots'--who can afford to take care of a dog but can't buy themselves lunch--don't need our money or sympathy. They need to be prevented from scaring tourists and sabotaging our city's reputation in the process."

S. Renee Mitchell, Wednesday, June 2

"And now that it's getting warmer, even more hobo teens will join the downtown panhandling parade. That will discourage even more shoppers, tourists and businesses from spending the money to strengthen the economy so we can afford to pay for more services for the homeless."

S. Renee Mitchell, Monday, June 7

Against Dignity Village:

"Recent developments at Dignity Village offer more evidence, as if any more is needed, that the city of Portland's 'experiment' in housing homeless people in the camp is a pipe dream."

(Unsigned) editorial, Friday, June 4

"We'd grant that the camp isn't necessarily the center of the homelessness problem. But the permanence of its residents... make it clear once again that it is no part of the solution."

(Unsigned) editorial, Friday, June 4