News Jun 27, 2002 at 4:00 am

The Weird, Happy Life of Extremo the Clown


It's cool to read this after so many years. I am currently working on my latest art car creation, "The Never Never Van". See you on the streets Portland!
I have known Scot for a while. We were introduced thru an artcar bulletin board. After some time I drive cross country from Florida to Seattle for the Freemont Fair then down to Portland. I spent a couple of days with Scot and his family. I had so much fun those few days. We laughed, talked on some real deep positive issues and I got to see Extremo in action doing a window splash. The saddest thing I ever heard was after Scot ran for Mayor, his car, his work vehicle, his soul of his work suddenly after years of use became dangerous and was outlawed from use on Portland's streets. I think the world of this man. I can't give him enough praise. Your Buddy...Merc
Fear of clowns? not exactly. I'm mostly a fearless person. I AM, however, Very cautious of anyone who has masked their identity in some way. There really should be a law in place that states anyone who wears a mask or makeup or clothing to mask their identity should have to wear a large ID badge like a drivers license pinned to their collar or be arrested on the spot.

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