OLD ENOUGH?In January, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) put a new rule in place allowing them to fine any club that hosted underage performers. Most club owners and performers agree the rule is targeted at strippers--but the impact has been much wider, including bands with underage musicians and even contractors, like electricians, who have employees under 21.

But now, those performers are fighting back. On Thursday, Bruce Fife, head of the local musician's union, will meet with the OLCC.

"I'm going to re-petition to have [the rule] unmade," Fife succinctly explains. Fife had been part of the process in drafting the rule. "But the picture they painted at that time is different than what it really is now." Upset with the rule and its enforcement, Fife lobbied the governor's office, which ultimately is in charge of appointing OLCC board members. In turn, the governor's office apparently pressured the OLCC board to give Fife his say. Last week, Fife received an invitation to address them with his concerns.

Fife admits he is uncertain how many bands have been affected by the ban. "But some clubs are stopping entertainment," he insists. "And some bands have had to find a new drummer," he added.

Fife hopes to convince the OLCC to roll back their ban. Anyone who has been impacted by the ban can contact Fife at (503) 235-8791. PHIL BUSSE

McDONE!For the past few years, the McDonald's Corporation has been eyeing the empty Raven Creamery building along MLK Blvd. But, claiming that a fast food restaurant would increase traffic and garbage in the neighborhood, the usually quiet Eliot Neighborhood Association mounted a noisy defense against the fast-food giant. "No McD" signs popped up in front yards around the neighborhood and city councilmembers heard constant complaints as the neighbors tried to throw any wrench possible into the permitting process.

On Monday, the neighbors announced they had succeeded, as McDonald's has withdrawn its proposal. But it remains unclear how much of McDonald's retreat is attributable to the poor economy. During the last financial quarter, McDonald's posted its first loss in their 47 years of business. PB