When is enough enough? On a Friday night in early May, Kif Davis was watching a fight unfold between bouncers and some drunken patrons outside Berbati's. Davis, an amateur filmmaker who documents public bum fights all over the country, grabbed his video camera and started shooting. When police arrived on the scene a few moments later, Davis hid the camera behind his back and refused to surrender his film.

Witnesses then say that while one cop restrained Davis, another--John Clinton, badge #30255--gave him a sucker punch to the stomach that later placed him in the emergency room. According to Davis, pleading "uncle" and offering up the camera to avoid arrest only led to some "choking and strangling."

Davis also claims his rights weren't read to him until an hour later, at the Old Town precinct, where he was charged with interfering with the police and resisting arrest. And now, to add insult to injury, no one will give him his camera back. Davis plans to file a police brutality report. ANNA SIMON


In spite of pleas for peace and understanding, police harassment only seems to have intensified at the Portland Peace Encampment, an on-going protest against military action in Iraq. Last week, five demonstrators from the PPE formally requested that Mayor Katz cease police harassment. Police have routinely confiscated food, tarps, and chairs from the activists camped across from City Hall.

But instead of compassion, the camp apparently has come under additional scrutiny from Homeland Security. Over the past few weeks, federal officers have acted on reports that Tre Arrow has been lingering around the area. Arrow is wanted in connection with an arson that blew up logging trucks two years ago. Last week, officers approached the encampment to ask if Arrow was there, suggesting that perhaps the best place to hide is in broad daylight.

Todd Kurylowicz, who has been part of the PPE since its second day, thinks it is him they are confusing for Arrow. A week ago, Kurylowicz was asked for identification when entering Terry Shrunk Plaza, the outdoor park adjacent to PPE. The Homeland Security officer assured Kurylowicz that they were requesting identification from everyone, but he did not witness anyone else being carded. A day later, a detective visited Kurylowicz's former house. DAMON CLARK