Craig Gier

Mayoral Candidate

Occupation? Hardware.

What is your top environmental priority? It's a tie between air pollution and noise pollution--well, cars in Portland. I'd like more people to quit driving around Portland. We have the public transportation. If people rode the buses more there would be lower fares.

What is your campaign finance plan? Spend as I go and as I need to. I don't want to go full force into this because I don't know what's going to happen. I want to wade in the water a bit and see.

Do you support same-sex marriages? We should let the voters decide.

How will you try to alleviate homelessness in Portland? That's a sticky issue because there is not much we can do. We can arrest them or put them in jail for the night but that's not going to do anything. First off, for the underage ones, we need to find out where they live and send them back home. For anyone over 18, try to find a way to get them into a trade or a job.

Jerry Adams

Mayoral Candidate

Occupation? Executive Director of the Evaluation and Development Institute.

Why are you running? From information I've seen so far, I am the most qualified to improve education. I seem to be the most informed about the latest developments in the fields of energy, water, transportation, community development, and health care. My goal is for us to have the best city in the nation, and I have a background for leading us in this direction.

How will you promote job creation in Portland? We need to attract companies that need the skills, location, and opportunities available in Portland. For example, we need to work on bringing key manufacturing operations from Japan to here for high-tech goods heavily consumed in the United States, such as Honda and Toyota cars.

How do you feel about the potential sale of PGE to Texas Pacific? I prefer to see the city control electricity directly and improve management of it.

What is your top environmental priority? Self-sufficiency in energy via alternative energy sources.