In the Hole

Apparently, Voodoo Doughnut's Tres Shannon and Jay Boss Rubin are serious about their campaigns for city council. The dough-namic duo will be holding a campaign event Friday, February 17, at the Slammer Tavern (500 SE 8th) to talk about their "rickety platforms." Entertainment will be provided by Karaoke from Hell, which Shannon hosts. Rubin is running for Erik Sten's seat and Shannon is running for Dan Saltzman's. Both are pursuing public campaign funds. SCOTT MOORE

Sten Names Names

According to City Commissioner Erik Sten, his campaign is preparing to file the 1,000 signatures and $5 donations needed to qualify for public funds to finance his reelection campaign. If his signatures check out, Sten's campaign will receive $150,000 for the May primary election and $200,000 for November's general election, assuming he makes it through the primary. Of course, he could get more. If one of his opponents doesn't participate in the Voter-Owned Elections system and raises more money, Sten will receive matching funds of up to $400,000 in the general. Since challenger Ginny Burdick has already adamantly stated her opposition to the public funds, this scenario seems inevitable. SM

Occupied Neighbors

Dozens of neighbors crammed into the Hughes Memorial Methodist Church on Thursday night, February 9, to talk about "how to keep ourselves and our community safe." The emergency meeting was called in response to a deadly shooting the previous weekend. Bobby Seeger, 24, was shot in the head a block from the church, while on his way to his brother's house.

At the meeting, neighbors were urged to get involved, by doing foot patrols, calling the cops, and attending neighborhood meetings. "If you do not occupy the neighborhood, [criminals] will occupy it," Celeste Carey, a NE Portland crime prevention coordinator, told the crowd. NE Precinct Commander Bret Smith backed her up: "I need a neighborhood that's involved". AMY JENNIGES