The bellyaching is in full swing. Certain neighbors are clearly upset about construction on the OHSU aerial tram, and are letting the office of City Commissioner Sam Adams hear about it. Here's an example via email from a Multnomah Village salon owner: "I had to write Adams' office a letter begging them to put honey buckets out for the 50-plus workers who were starting to publicly urinate in the streets," says the salon owner, whose business partner lives along the tram path.

But the problems continued: "It's gotten out of hand. Every morning [my partner's] awakened with noisy workers in her yard, right underneath her window, either putting in or taking out wires.

"For almost a week last month she was out of power and her phone completely stopped working....

"She's had a 'honey bucket' parked on her sidewalk or across the street for over a month. Do you want to know who uses the honey bucket? People who wander across Ross Island Bridge at night. She even saw some man get out of his car to use it and drive away. I guess some kids the other day tried to push it over into the street and into her yard." AMY JENNIGES


Portland police are printing 2,500 "street musician agreements" for downtown buskers, following complaints from downtown businesses.

The agreements, last issued three years ago, state that musicians can only play in one spot for an hour before moving on, but that they may come back after another hour. However, they may only play twice in one spot on a single day. By law, their music should only be audible within 100 feet.

The agreements outline how discussions should take place between disgruntled business owners and musicians. For example, musicians may not be interrupted in the middle of a song. MATT DAVIS


On Sunday, July 9, Roy Keller, the founder and owner of Portland strip club landmark Mary's Club, passed away at the age of 90. Keller had been in care facilities for the past seven years, while his daughter, Vicki, ran the club. According to his granddaughter, Virginia Anderson, he passed away from old age.

Keller purchased Mary's in 1954, and turned it into the city's first topless club in the '60s. He has been the sole owner ever since, and the club has been run by his family. In the 50 years since the founding of Mary's Club, Portland has come to be known for having the nation's highest number of strip clubs per capita, giving Keller the distinction of being a pioneer in the city's adult entertainment industry.

A funeral for Keller will be held this Friday, July 14, 11 am at the New Hope Community Church in Clackamas, and is open to the public. SCOTT MOORE


In a recent article ("War Path," June 29) about the ongoing feud between bicyclists, the City of Portland, and a company called SK Northwest over the completion of the Springwater Corridor in SE Portland, we quoted from a letter that bike commuter Matthew Picio sent to the city. The letter detailed the hazards bikers face in trying to navigate the unfinished trail.

Even though the letter is a matter of public record, we neglected to mention that it was published first at, a local blog that has been actively covering the conflict for months. We regret the omission.