News May 3, 2007 at 4:00 am

Downtown's Private Security Police: Like Regular Cops, But Without the Oversight


Pretty disappointing Rent-A-Kop's Hren was a no-show.

Anyone carrying a badge & a gun needs strict accountability, and the issues with Blackwater-Lite have not been resolved to the public's satisfaction.

We may have to just start ignoring their "authoriteh."
I like your article and agree with every aspect of it...but...

There was a particular part that kind of mad me chuckle. The part where you said that the PBA was a special interest group that was only interested in making downtown attractive to consumers. That statement requires a great big "So what!" I like to know that the coffee shops, bookstores, and vintage clothes places I frequent are making money. I hate having to worry that they might shut down because people are too afraid to visit that part of town during their open hours. As it is they are paying inordinately large rents, and they are being taxed out of business.

But then who knows, I am a Portlander and might change my mind in a few weeks.
All Portland Patrol Inc. security employees are certified by the State of Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards Training. Approximately half of our staff is certified by the state to provide armed security services. We require a minimum of three years police experience is required for our armed security officers, but currently average approximately twenty-years per officer.
DPSST certification does not exempt PPI employees from Portland statute requiring a CHL for open carry.

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