News Nov 29, 2007 at 4:00 am

Sluggish Recruitment Puts Public at Risk


Part of the problem is that when word gets out, among civilians and the general population that applying for employment with the PPB is not always rewarded, because of an especially difficult secondary background check, men and women feel they probably won't pass the Statement of Personal History part of the process or won't be able to come up with eight rock solid references. When the PPB makes it so difficult for police officers to be hired, is it any wonder we don't have enough officers to man the streets of Portland Oregon? It shouldn't be, its simple math, for anyone in the know. The PPB needs to understand that police are just people and future police officers are also just people, full of imperfections, problems and such. If the PPB wants perfection, among its applicants, then they will never be satisfied, because perfection simply does not exist, in any aspect of life. Until the PPB softens its requirements for potential officers, then police officer shortages are going to continue to be a problem. Its just that simple, I'm sorry to say.

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