News Feb 21, 2008 at 4:00 am

Scientologists Move into SE Neighborhood?


This is a typical Scientology tactic. This is how they managed to get a foothold in Clearwater, Florida: by hiding behind a different name and misrepresenting themselves as a legitimate church.

Finding a run-down property and turning it into a commercial business in a residential area is not unusual.

The "sauna" comment is particularly worrisome: Scientologists (and their front groups, Narconon, Criminon and Second Chance, which all deny links to the CoS) believe that a process they call the Purification Rundown is effective against drug addiction. In truth, sitting in a very hot sauna and taking overdoses of vitamins (niacin in particular) does nothing to detox anyone. Overdoses of niacin in particular are dangerous, as drug abusers typically have compromised livers, and overdoses of niacin can further damage a less-than-healthy liver.

See also, and

Success rate (addicts who stay clean without relapsing / recidivism) attributable to Narconon (for example): 6.6%
Success rate if an addict DOES NOTHING AT ALL and merely goes "cold turkey": 11%

At the very least, the community should be VERY WARY, especially since dishonesty and deception were involved in setting up this Mission.

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