News Jun 12, 2008 at 4:00 am

Bigendered Person Wins Claims Against Portland Women's Shelters


I am not sure if I like Lee but she does not like me. I did nothing to harm her/him. If I did I would have known. I assisted her when she was homeless, bought her shoes, gave her cigarettes and listened to her. I have no issues with anyone's gender identity and never have had. No, She does was cruel and violent with me. She created a profile for me out of whole cloth and then told others that profile. Trust is fragile with me. I am not a violent person and I just distanced myself. We are all a bit confused about life- it is tricky. I am not confused about why I distanced myself- she did not like me. I am not sure why. That is in her/his ballpark. Not mine- Catch the ball, dude and run with it- Please.

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