Whoa, the day labor site has free coffee!
I assume the "No" sign means the gabacho doesn't want to work. Figures....those lazy gabachos should sit under trees with baseball caps pulled over their eyes while the Mexicans work.
I wonder what that protester was doing with the pictures? I imagine some poor INS employee getting 12 furious e-mails per day with picture attachments that exceed the government's firewall limit so she can't view them anyway.

More importantly, though, how soon CAN I go down there to hire a hooker?
To hire a hooker, just go to 82nd Avenue and make eye contact with any female...wait for the one who holds a slight gaze back at you. See if she holds it. Make sure you wrap your John Thomas up. Make sure she's not entrapping you. Make sure she doesn't have syphillis.

It's not too difficult.

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