News Aug 14, 2008 at 4:00 am

A Dozen Ballot Measure Vie for Your Vote


Bookmarked. I appreciate the heads up - I've been living abroad for a few years and as such have to vote earlier than everyone else, often before anybody's talking about what's going on.
Does anyone know when we are going to having the tar-and-feather Kevin Mannix Festival to run him out of town and back to the state where he came from? I'd like to buy my tickets in advance.
It's so scary to see such anti-progressive measures on the Oregon ballot, supporting the prison-industrial complex, xenophobic latino-haters, regressive tax structures and other crap that gives this country a bad name. Why can't Sizemore and these douchebags go ruin some other state? We enjoy our progressive ecotopia out here in Oregon.
Kevin Mannix is a nut job. So is Sizemore. If either put a measure on the ballot to put me in charge of sunscreen rubbing fro the SI Swimsuit issue, I would vote against it because their names are attached. What is it with all the kooky measures this year?
> this fall is so heavy with nutty ballot measures

And the Merc is heavy with nuts to endorse them.

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