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Density Is Portland's Future. Some Smart, Young Architects Get it Right.


Its great to see Portland and Oregon cohousing grow. Oregon is stepping up to join the other hotbeds of cohousing activity in the United States:

- California with 27 built communities (mostly Bay Area)
- Washington, with 13 built communities (all in Puget Sound)
- Colorado with 12 built (mostly around Denver)
- Massachusetts with 10 various places in the state
- North Carolina with 7 (mostly around Chapel Hill)
- and Oregon with...


Note: this only includes those communities that have raised their hands to be counted in the directory of the Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US).

Check it out...

Craig Ragland
Executive Director
If you're interested, Daybreak Cohousing is still looking for more members. Check our our website if you're interested. Come to one of our socials held twice a month to meet us! Our next one is this Sunday.
So, how much did the Merc get paid for this ad?
The idea sounds great and the developers are to be commended for making affordable condos available. But the article does little to explain what makes these lasting community projects. Shared newspapers, yellow paint, and strawberry patches can be ephemeral - what's to say the condos won't become slums in ten years?
Unfortunately, Daybreak has some real problems with their neighbors. Their cohousing group has refused to give in to any of their neighbors concerns - so if this is an 'experiment in community' its first failure is in ignoring the neighbors of an established Portland neighborhood.
Not so happy to have this project happening in my neighborhood , its not that I don't think co-housing is a good idea, its just that the day break project does no fit into the neighborhood. It stands out like a sore thumb, looks like more something that should be in the Pearl then in NOPO. Its a monstrosity, towering 4 stories in one of 4 buildings being built. I also would love to know where all 30 plus units will have parking, yes I understand that there will a bicycle room, I too have a bicycle room, and drive when I have to, meaning that I'm sure that many more then not will also have cars that will have to find parking in a already getting harder to find parking neighborhood. Its hard to accept this project when it towers over you all day!!!!!!!!!!! This project stinks, as mentioned in the post above, my concern has been that it has become a daily struggle just to pull out of my own driveway without there being a monster truck or crane parked where I need to pull out. I know that this is not directly Day breaks doing, but be involved in your own project and not just wait for it to be done. I can barely pull out onto Killingsworth with out being T-boned by another car that I couldn't see because of some to big, to tall, van, truck being parked right on the corner. I do think that there is some type of ordinance against this. Sorry to go on and on, but if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm not happy with the project.

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