News Nov 6, 2008 at 4:00 am

Change Has Come to America


Merkley takes it! Smith goes south(where the labor is cheap).
Well I hope you silly people are right in your choice...
Well it wasn't ALL good news on Tuesday.

Those dummies down in CA voted IN FAVOR of Prop8.
It's James Barta (with a "t"), not Barga (with a "g").
Meanwhile, WA becomes the 2nd state to adopt an assistant-suicide law, which is nice.
What, no mention that the Mercury was the only paper socially irresponsible and classist enough to endorse Measure 60?
The Merc seems to be trying to hide their M60 mess under the rug... bury their heads and hope people forget about it.

What Sizemore measure will be endorsed next by the Portland Mercury?
Yeah, as far as the Mercs' M60 plug, i didn't get that one either.
Thankfully, ALL of Bill Sleazemores' rotten measures failed!
There were 12 ballot measures up in OR & i voted NO on all of them.

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