News Dec 11, 2008 at 4:00 am

The Recession—and Landlords—Are Cutting into Small Businesses


This makes me so sad. I shop local for nearly everything. But I am but one man. A very poor man.
its disgusting that landlords are jackin rents and turning portland into a yuppie paradise...nobody cares...but in case anyone didnt figure it out yet..downtown portland is so over..its hollow..void...a hollow any city ive ever lived in...san francisco, nyc, philly...the pearl is absolutely terrible..its a manufactured thing...dont you get it?? you cant manufacture art and culture....its sad city planners dont know this...everyone is driven by makin a quick buck$$..oh well...
the pearl blows. It's for b & t folks (Beaverton and Tigard), and transplants from NYC, SF, and other @#$holes that don't know any better.
Broadway Books in NE is facing some hard times too- the owner's son has come up with a unique way to try and save his mom's business. Buy a book and he will buy you a burrito. Check it out…
Does anyone know the NAME of this Tibetan import shop?
Could local currency be an important tool to help 35,000-40,000 local PDX business owners?

We think so.

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