News Jan 15, 2009 at 4:00 am

A Bandwagon-Hopper's Guide to the Portland Trail Blazers


Where the $#^%$ is the Raef LaFretz card!!!
evil hauntings of Duckworth's ghost? Too soon Mercury, too soon.
Where the $#^%$ is the Raef LaFretz card!!!

Getting paid way too much money to sit on its ass.
bayless had his 'breakout' game tonight against the nets.
ike needs to lose about 30 pounds.
we need to lose sergio and diogu at least.
thank god lafrentz is outta here soon.
the miles contract is killing us.
i liked pryz until he announced in the oregonian that he was voting for mccain/ i prefer oden no matter how sloppy he is and how quickly he's in foul trouble.
2009 championship team? fuck yeah!
i though you put oden on your list of things not invited back. now there he is in the center of you're picture, being used to draw up interest in your, um, article. maybe you guys should stick to the three things you know about: karaoke, gay shit, and whatever is going on at the doug fir, faggots.
Do your research, the problem with sergio is not that he has too many turnovers, it's that he can't score or play defense. Couldn't think of anything funny to say about that? Lazy writing.
The Male Receptionist-
Well in that case, then you are going to love my Doug Fir gay karaoke piece.

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