DTMFA!!! The Oregonian says Adams' "A-List Gay" friends can't save him now, calling resignation "inevitable." Still: Dan Savage will be playing Al Sharpton at the city hall rally, 5:30 today. Gus Van Sant and Thomas Lauderdale may also be hanging around.
SAVAGE: "Gay men in their 30s and 40s who will date teenage boys are almost always scum." July 2008.

NEW YORK'S NEW SENATOR!!! Isn't Caroline Kennedy. Doesn't love the idea of gay marriage, either.

KENNEDY RUMORS!!! The New York Post says Caroline was "mired" in some tricky personal issues, like allegedly not having paid her nanny, or, perhaps, her taxes...

WELCOME TO THE RECESSION, BRITAIN!!! Have a cuppa. Staying long?

OBAMA PISSES OFF THE PRESS!!! And "flashes irritation" in the press room.

GUANTANAMO DETAINEE BACK TO TERRORISM!!! He's the deputy leader of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, which sounds a bit like being Big Pussy in The Sopranos, but still. You get the idea.

MADONNA'S KIDS!!! She's fighting with Guy Ritchie over childcare arrangements.

Good day.