News Mar 19, 2009 at 4:00 am

Auctioning Homes from Portland's Courthouse Steps


I fail to understand why a lending institution would kick a person out of a house and have it stand empty, than sit down with the borrower and work something out. I guess I just don't understand high finance.
Time to 'occupy' unused land a la MST style.
ujfoyt - it's called honoring contractual obligation. Try not paying your rent for a month.
Now many people are being allowed to alter contracts as well, which is not reported on as much. That's due to the volume of banks unable to act as property management companies.
Don, try honoring your contractual obligations when you are laid off from your job because you have worked in the housing industry your entire life and you can't find work to save your families house.
Have some compassion and empathy. People aren't loosing their homes because they are morons... the jobs are GONE!

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