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I'm getting tired of local radio personalities signing up for the five-slot communications to Council segments. They already have a way to get their voices heard. The regular non-radio personality populace doesn't.

Why do right-wing radio personalities hate regular Portlanders so much?
hahahahahahahahahahah favorite Davis post ever!!!
One True b!X, I agree about the radio hosts. They have hours to spew their take uninterrupted on the radio. Besides, I don't know where Taft lives, but Lars Larson doesn't even live in the city.

MATT, it's my impression that every council meeting now begins with a few people tearing into Sam Adams. Is that the case, or a wrong impression on my part?

For clarification: Yes, Blabby, you're right. There's only been one council session I can remember since the scandal broke that someone hasn't used one of the five 3 minute open testimony slots to tear into Adams.

The mayor always thanks them for their testimony. If it were me, I'd be tempted to get a little more sarcastic. "Thanks a bunch for your testimony," etcetera. But thanking people for their words seems the best way to diffuse their words.
Woah, not "thanks a bunch." That's vicious... Do we really want to live in that world?
Thank you for your words.
She is kinda hot. In the way I was always compelled to date psycho women when I was younger. You know it would be a fun ride until the ride was over.
Victoria Taft: a grower or a shower?
Just another fevered ego tainting our collective unconscious and making us pay a higher psychic price then we would otherwise have to.
William Howard Taft was the fattest president we've ever had. Something she should keep in mind....

I'm sure Victoria would shag you silly and then make you breakfast wearing nothing but her flip-flops. Then she'd want to go back for seconds.

There's no way you could keep up with her, and that's why I'm glad she's willing to show up at council meetings and berate Mayor Adams: she's got the time and the energy and she's saying what most of us are thinking, but don't have the guts to say ourselves.

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