News Jul 9, 2009 at 4:00 am

Partial Settlement, New Allegations in Chasse Lawsuit

Illustration by B T Livermore


I've always contested that it was [at best] an ALIGATION that Chasse was urinating in public. But that he probably wasn't even doing THAT, but was notheless a "pretext" that these filthy goddamn pigs used to run down & MURDER him to begin with!

This was a MURDER, any way you look at it. CHRISTOPHER HUMPHREYS, BRET BURTON, & KYLE NICE are all cowards need to be brought up on AGGREVATED MURDER CHARGES! That so-called nurse looked through the thin flap in the door of Chasse's cell judged that he(Chasse) was probably "faking" should be charged as an accoplice.

When cops brag on thier little radios about how "nice" it is that they're alright after they've just beaten a man to death for NO GODDAMN REASON, & they're not held responsible, what does that shit say about this so-called "progressive" city?!
Correct. How can a city be progressive when the citizens allow a gang of thugs to rule its streets?

The police and the city have lied and lied and lied and lied and now their lies are unraveling thanks to the tenacious and reasonable efforts by the Chasse Family to reveal the truth about James. That family has shown courage and strength and fortitude in their attempt to keep the focus on the true matter at hand: Police brutality and mis-conduct, Lies and concealment.

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