News Jul 16, 2009 at 4:00 am

How TriMet Helped Google Put Transit in Your Palm

Illustration by Andy Rementer


The list of available apps can be found at
I've been know to be critical of TriMet for some of their policy decisions and for sometimes being tone deaf to their public, but this is an area where they are national leaders.

I know this has been supported at the highest levels of the organizations and I appreciate that. TriMet also has an outstanding technical development staff that delivered this.
Yes, I couldn't agree more. I wrote TransitQ (for the Palm) because it was the application that *I* wanted to use, and I'm happy to share it with the general public.

The folks over at TriMet have been a pleasure to work with.
I wrote the Android app that's mentioned in the article (Portland Transit). The TriMet team have really done a good job on their APIs and they were really helpful when I had questions.
Right on Chris! (or is it ride-on?) Like TQ Max, I wrote because it was the application I wanted. You touch a button on your iPhone home screen and bingo -- there's your arrival info. Two big thumbs up to folks at Trimet for having the foresight to let us local geeks do our thing!

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