f they want real change they will take social services matters OUT of the hands of the police. Holistic would be setting up a service similar to the City of Eugene's CAHOOTs program. It is a mobile serivce that is accessed by the police non-emergency number. It reduces the interactions of the homeless and mentally ill with the police and is staffed by crisis workers and paramedics, NOT cops.
"The mayor will also propose a downtown retail strategy"

That ought to be cute. I love it when he pretends to understand anything about business.
No oversight of private security in public areas is a big concern.
"Depositions reveal that Chasse never did, in fact, urinate in the street—despite widespread reporting to the contrary. "

If I was getting beaten to death by police officers, I'd wet my pants too.
Wow! Fantastic! Finally someone at City Hall has got gonads enuf to say what all the rest of us have known since these three Thugs with PoPo stompted James Chasse to death over 3 years ago. It is marked departure from that poor Empty Suit that is the current so-called "Commissioner of Police" who seems to have never gotten over that time as a kid some cop said "boo!" to him and thus, he's so willing to fall in line with whatever tap dance they call up for him. Maybe our Mayor could regain some lost "political capital" by coming out and saying same or similar to what our main man Randy has said? We've enuf of the Testosterone defiecent crowd at City Hall always singing the praises of the PoPo whether they deserve it or not ((most of the time we've come to realize that they don't!)). As for the
management skills of Rosie Sizer, I guess they stand out in glaring relief to show her incompetence and ineptness, or it all goes to add credence to the long told "rumors" of her doing all she could to cover these cops asses as she owed them for her days of bed-hopping her way up the PBA ladder and when old Goofy Tom Potter made her the "chief" as he engineered the ouster of Foxworth barely a month before this fiasco, and it was clear then what kind of chief she'd be...let 'em get by with murder and say little nor hold then at all accountable. Well, I'd say we'd better get ready to hear more revelations dump on the street as this case inches it's way to a reckoning at the Federal Court in about 4 months as a lot of long-suffering "good cops" at PBA are highly miffed at the "good old boys & good old girls" club that has managed PBA into the dire straights it finds itself today. A lot will be revealed and lot of secret tales told. Stay tuned. More is coming....ta ta
Ya think all of that do you, Randy - then why did YOU allow yourself to be outed from supervising Police Chief Sizer during the active review of the Chasse murder? Why? So she would have quit. So what... perhaps THEN a OUTSIDE POLICE CHIEF being brought it - which still needs to happen - could have PROPERLY reviewed the police's actions and fired some murdering police officers still on our payroll. Them's the facts, Randy - all of it.
And our streets. Shame on the city council even suggesting they needed to be cleanly and orderly BANNED from use - by the homeless, by the mentally ill. How far down civil and humane rights UNDER THIS CITY COUNCIL has this city allowed its self to go?

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