Nice catch!
Extremist Republicans and Christians are lazy Nazis.

Having known this man since he was a child, I can attest that he is now and has always been a douchebag of monumental proportions.

It didn't surprise me a few years back to hear about this story:…

If there was an Oregonian article about his douchebaggery as an adolescent, I'd post that too. He was a weasel then and is a weasel now. I guarantee you, anyone else that went to school with him in Aloha would tell you the same thing. None of this surprises me in the slightest.
Because ExxonMobils’ henchmen can’t spell fool without “U”- who can Matt Wingard now steal from after the bonfire? “Algore has a blog, folks. (laughing) ... He has made a statement, and it is without any foot in reality.  He is using the media, who is using faulty science ... I'm talking about the average, ordinary duped citizen ... they have been the biggest dupes in modern history ... been played for the biggest suckers to come down the pike in a long time, and they bought it hook, line, and sinker ... presented to them almost as a religion. ... have angrily ridiculed and lambasted their fellow man who did not fall for the scam.  We were called "deniers," in an effort to tie us to Holocaust deniers. ... As a person whose career has existed on the cutting edge of societal evolution... I am that someone to once again get out ahead of the curve ... total credibility on this issue ... to allow otherwise critically thinking human beings with a path back to reality. ... we must welcome them back and reeducate them that progress is good and has not hurt anything. ... Stop contributing to any group that still participates in the fraud known as manmade global warming.  Do not read anything written by any "scientist" who tells you there is man-made.  Demand, in writing, that schools cease and desist from advancing the agenda of environmentalist wackos.  Get it out of the textbooks.  Tell you your kids if any teacher or professor perpetuates this fraud and hoax that there is man-made global warming, that they are not to believe one syllable of it.  ... Obama helping people, which is screwing them ... there has been no global warming, man-made or otherwise” (“The Limbaugh Peace Initiative: Amnesty for the Duped Warmers”; the old, ugly and evil Rush “LABI” Limbaugh with Hannity/Noory extremist Republican and Christian outlets for legally killing thy neighbors, plagiarism, and stealing their stuff - baby monitor for Planet-Star Wormwoody Jenkins from a 80 cat feces-filled mansion - pro-life as any other Missouri mule who screws anything non-female into the ground like the US military - Toyota gas pedal template of mass murder, toxic Chinese drywall seller, trying to harvest more Americans than ExxonMobil - aka Dr. "Jeff ‘Gannon’ Christie";; 2/15/10).

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